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Pulsdelare/omvand PAR/SSI/SinCos

The small, cost-efficient, but extremely powerful f/I or f/U converters are designed for cabinet installation. They are used to convert analog standard signals (V or mA) into an incremental (HTL, RS422 / TTL), absolute (SSI) or serial (RS232 / RS485) output format. The converters shown below can be mounted on a DIN rail in the control cabinet by means of snap-on mounting.

The frequency dividers and pulse multipliers are programmable control cabinet units for error-free division or pulse-spreading (proportional or reciprocal) multiplication of incremental measuring system resp. encoder signals in HTL or RS422 / TTL format. Easy mounting via snap-on housing for top hat rail (according to EN 60715).

Pulse splitters and signal distributors distribute the output signals of incremental or absolute encoders and measuring systems easy and clean to several terminals and simultaneously amplify the signals. They can also be used for level conversion. Depending on the requirements, different variants are available without, with simple or with complete potential separation.

The innovative optical fiber modules ensure reliable transmission of encoder signals over distances of up to 3000 m. They are resistant to extremely strong electromagnetic fields and disturbances. Thus, our fiber optic modules are predestined for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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FM210 multiplier zero pulse outputMO-FM210FM210 multiplier zero pulse output1xA+B+Z HTL/TTL1xA+B+Z HTL/TTLNo
FM260 multiplier zero pulse outputMO-FM260FM260 multiplier zero pulse output1xA+B+Z HTL/TTL1xA+B+Z HTL/TTLNo
IT-10 Pulsdelare 1xIN 5V/24V, 2xUT 5V/24V ej isolerad490-00007IT-10 Pulsdelare 1xIN 5V/24V, 2xUT 5V/24V ej isolerad1xA+B+Z HTL/TTL2xA+B+Z HTL/TTLYes, partial