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AS-i Verktyg och Tillbehör

The ASi- analyzer is a perfect complement to the local AS-i Master diagnostic.


  • Statistical analysis of all telegrams transferred in the network. It instantly gives the "trafic light presentation" of each slave's ability to communicate and provides a protocol of the actual state of the network.
  • Typical digital and analogue I/O values and state of safety slaves.
  • Registers the complete telegram traffic and examines it on a notebook.

We have also cable-strippers and chip cards and other tools.


Filtrera Sortera
Antal artiklar 13
AS-i Analyser Innovation Step 2BWU1415AS-i Analyser Innovation Step 2Network ASi-3ProgrammingNode analyzer
AS-i kabelskalareBW1920AS-i kabelskalareCabler-StripperEPDMn/a
ASi Micro-Wire-StripperBW1921ASi Micro-Wire-StripperMicro-Wire-StripperTPE/PURn/a
ASi-5/ASi-3 Address Programming DeviceBW4708ASi-5/ASi-3 Address Programming DeviceNetwork ASi-3, ASi-5ProgrammingRead/Write slave address
ASi-5/ASi-3 Address Programming DeviceBW4925ASi-5/ASi-3 Address Programming DeviceNetwork ASi-3, ASi-5ProgrammingRead/Write slave address
Chip card 128 kByte, 10stBW2222Chip card 128 kByte, 10stMemory card128kBASi-3 Gateway
banner_lager.pngChip card 128 kByte, styckvisBW2222SChip card 128 kByte, styckvisMemory card128kBASi-3 Gateway
Chip card 512 kByte (10st)BW4880Chip card 512 kByte (10st)Memory card512kBASi-5 Gateway
Chip card 512 kByte, 10stBW4055Chip card 512 kByte, 10stMemory card512kBASi-5 Gateway