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Tailored bracket and fastening systems for all of its sensors, image processing systems, identification systems and lighting. Universal fasteners are designed for secure and adjustable assembly of the various sensors and lightings. Various system and sensor brackets make it possible to achieve a solution that is optimally customized to suit your applications.

These fasteners are designed for assembly of any and all sensors. Slots on the clamping surface and the baseplate make simple and secure adjustment possible. They stand out for their robust construction and simple and reliable assembly.

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BT 200M.5 Mounting bracketLU50118542BT 200M.5 Mounting bracketBCLAngled L-bracketUniversal
BT 320M Mounting bracketLU50132151BT 320M Mounting bracketDCRAngled L-bracketUniversal
BT 56 - 1 Mounting deviceLU50121435BT 56 - 1 Mounting deviceBPS/BCL/LSISClampableRod
BT 56 Mounting deviceLU50027375BT 56 Mounting deviceBPS/BCL/LSISClampableRod
BT 59 Mounting bracketLU50111224BT 59 Mounting bracketBCL/LSISClampable, adjustableGroove mounting
BT-2UM60 Mounting bracketLU430105BT-2UM60 Mounting bracketUMBracket mountAngled holder, through-hole
BTU 300M.5-D12 Mounting systemLU50120425BTU 300M.5-D12 Mounting systemRODø12mm HolderThrough-hole, turning
BTU 300M-D12 Mounting systemLU50117252BTU 300M-D12 Mounting systemRODø12mm HolderThreaded, turning
BTU 320M-D12 Mounting systemLU50132150BTU 320M-D12 Mounting systemDCRClampable, adjustableRod
BTU 346M-D12 Mounting systemLU50122797BTU 346M-D12 Mounting systemRODø12mm HolderThreaded, turning
BTU 900M-D12 Mounting systemLU50119331BTU 900M-D12 Mounting systemBCLBracket mount, swivelRod
BTU D12M-D12-B090 Mounting systemLU50119333BTU D12M-D12-B090 Mounting systemRODø12mm MountingBasic holder, clamp
BTU D12M-L-140 RodLU50135446BTU D12M-L-140 RodRODø12mm Rod140x80mm
BTU D12M-VKT-90 Rod mountingLU50132567BTU D12M-VKT-90 Rod mountingRODø12mm MountingBasic holder, clamp
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