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DataMan 260

For 1D linear barcodes, higher-density 2D matrix codes, or direct part mark (DPM) codes, the DataMan 260 series fixed-mount, image-based barcode readers deliver unprecedented performance, flexibility and ease-of-use. DataMan 260 series fixed-mount barcode readers achieve the highest possible read rates thanks to a high-speed, dual core processing engine that runs the latest Cognex algorithms.

DataMan 260 series models offer straight or right-angled configurations to fit into the tightest spaces. In-line and ninety degree configurations eliminate the need for equipment redesign, and complicated wiring or optical paths with mirrors. Modular lighting and optics make it easy to change DataMan 260 series reader lens and lighting in the field. This not only reduces installation time and resources, but protects the barcode reader investment by making it easy to optimize performance for each application and accommodate future process changes.

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DM260Q PoE RDR 6.2MM LL&RD LEDCX-DMR-260Q-0122DM260Q PoE RDR 6.2MM LL&RD LED752x480px6.2mm Liquid lensRed LEDs
DM260Q RDR 16MM LL&HP RL,1/2PCCX-DMR-260Q-0540-PDM260Q RDR 16MM LL&HP RL,1/2PC752x480px16mm Liquid lensRed LEDs
DM260QL PoE RDR 6.2MM LL&RD LDCX-DMR-260QL-0122DM260QL PoE RDR 6.2MM LL&RD LD752x480px6.2mm Liquid lensRed LEDs
DM260QL RDR 16MM LL&HPRL,1/2PCCX-DMR-260QL-0540-PDM260QL RDR 16MM LL&HPRL,1/2PC752x480px16mm Liquid lensRed LEDs
DM260QL RDR 6.2MM LL&RD LED,RACX-DMR-260QL-0121DM260QL RDR 6.2MM LL&RD LED,RA752x480px6.2mm Liquid lensRed LEDs
DM260S RDR 16MM LL&HP RLCX-DMR-260S-0540DM260S RDR 16MM LL&HP RL752x480px16mm Liquid lensRed LEDs
DM260S RDR 16MM LL&HP RL,1/2PCCX-DMR-260S-0540-PDM260S RDR 16MM LL&HP RL,1/2PC752x480px16mm Liquid lensRed LEDs