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The MR-DOME is compound of a bi-colour LED lighting ring (2 sets of colours and 2 dimensions) and a dome reflector. It has been designed with tough production environments in mind: IP65 as standard, overdrive embedded, simple remote control capability (selection of colours and quadrants). The MR-DOME provides a highly-diffused light source which has no component of direct lighting. The light intensity is lower than with other illumination techniques but will have a high degree of homogeneity.


  • objects are highly reflective (shiny)
  • the target area is subject to shadowing with direct or low angle light sources
  • the target area has some very un-even surfaces

The MR-DOME should be mounted close to the object of interest to maximise the effect of the illumination style.To minimise the «black dot» visible within the image, the diameter of the hole at the top of the dome should also be minimised. This can be done using the supplied plastic caps.

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