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Fortress FRANK

Fortress RFID Access Network Keys

Interlocks control when you can access equipment safely, FRANK controls who can access equipment safely.

By integrating readers to suit the existing site RFID access cards into a Fortress device and providing a software based access approval control system; FRANK can be integrated into automation systems with simple input/outputs to a PLC.

Data of who, when and where from access events is collated to a central point within facilities to allow for viewable events lists and data insights that can support efficiency analysis.

Why use FRANK?

FRANK ensures locations are only accessed by authorised personnel, protecting uptime in manufacturing whilst utilizing existing ID cards.

Commercial RFID readers are often not robust enough for industrial environments, requiring additional wiring and interfaces between the IT network or extensive reprogramming of the PLC.

With the RFID reader integrated into the Fortress device, FRANK manages permissions through an industrial controller and then delivers simple inputs to the control system, just like a pushbutton. negating IT interfaces or complex system integration.

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