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AS-i Motormodul alla

ASi makes full use of all its strengths in material handling technology. The motor modules for roller drives from Bihl+Wiedemann allow 24V motors to be controlled directly through ASi without the need for an additional control device. The speed of any driven roller can be varied from a central location. Our modules also make it possible to make use of the braking energy of the rollers in the system. Inputs on the modules are used to read in signals from sensors installed along the conveyor line.

In addition to motor modules for roller drives, Bihl+Wiedemann also provides drive solutions for remotely controlling AC motors (with or without frequency inverters) – an essential prerequisite for implementing new system structures

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Active distributor ASi motor moduleBWU3605Active distributor ASi motor moduleMOVIMOT11xCable 2m, 2xCable 2m M12 5-pin
Active distributor ASi motor moduleBWU3781Active distributor ASi motor moduleMOVIMOT11xCable 1m M12 8-pin, 3xCable 0,3m M12 5
Active distributor ASi motor moduleBWU3782Active distributor ASi motor moduleMOVIMOT11xCable 2m M12 8-pin, 3xCable 0.3m M12 5
AS-i 3.0 motorstyrmodul IP67 4xM12+M12 AS-iBWU2958AS-i 3.0 motorstyrmodul IP67 4xM12+M12 AS-iInterroll, Itoh Denki, RULMECA22xM12 5-pin
AS-i 3.0 motorstyrmodul IP67 8xM12+M12 AS-iBWU2959AS-i 3.0 motorstyrmodul IP67 8xM12+M12 AS-iInterroll, Itoh Denki, RULMECA26xM12 5-pin
AS-i Cable duct motor moduleBWU3278AS-i Cable duct motor moduleItoh Denki22xCable 0.4m M8 5-pin, 2xCable 0.06m M8
AS-i Cable duct motor moduleBWU3406AS-i Cable duct motor moduleMOVIMOT11xCable 2m M12 5-pin, 2xCable 2m M12 5-
AS-i Cable duct motor moduleBWU3567AS-i Cable duct motor moduleItoh Denki22xCable 0.4m M8 5-pin, 2xCable 0.4m M8 4
AS-i Cable duct motor moduleBWU3679AS-i Cable duct motor moduleItoh Denki22xCable 0.4m M8 5-pin, 2xCable 0.06m M12
AS-i Cable duct motor moduleBWU4224AS-i Cable duct motor moduleInterroll RULMECA22xCable 1m M8 5-pin, 2xCable 1m M8 4-pin
AS-i motorstyrmodul IP67 2xDI 2xInterroll/Rollex 4xM12BWU2575AS-i motorstyrmodul IP67 2xDI 2xInterroll/Rollex 4xM12Interroll, Itoh Denki, RULMECA24xM12 5-pin
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