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SIL Double SSI

Safety rotary encoders

Certified according currend standards (IEC 61508 / EN 62061, EN ISO 13849 -1), development and manufacturing processes of TR-Electronic ensure high reliability of safety relevant products.The required safety level is determined according to the possible risks. This level has to be fulfilled by the components and structure choosen. TR-Electronic provides both: devices fitting perfectly into applications requiring SIL3 / PLe and SIL2 / PLd.

SIL3/PLe-certified absolute rotary encoder 75 series

The "Proven" one made by TR-Electronic. 75 series provides position and speed signals certified according to SIL3 / PLe directly using functional safety over SSI. Position feedback signals and redundant scanning system all in one unit.

Below is an selection of our encoders with safe SSI interface.

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#Mer information om SSI SIL_TRSILSS#Mer information om SSI SIL<= 25 Bit (+ INC)10mm / 12-20H7Optical / Magnetic
CDH75M 8192/4096 SSI 14H7NT +FSCDH75M-00024CDH75M 8192/4096 SSI 14H7NT +FS8192 / 4096 + 409614H7KW / NTSOptical / Magnetic
CDV75M 8192/4096 SSI 50ZB10NT +FS TTL Incr -20...70C°C 2x KVCDV75M-00001CDV75M 8192/4096 SSI 50ZB10NT +FS TTL Incr -20...70C°C 2x KV8192 / 4096 + 409610KW19 / ZB50Optical / Magnetic