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Serie double 2xSSI, alla varianter

Redundant absolute encoder with SSI interface

Two encoders in different standard industrial encoder sizes from 36 to 80 mm. Two single and multi-turn detections work inside, which transfer their actual values to two separately operating SSI controllers. The two systems inside work independently and have seperate connection, they only share the shaft. Besides 2xSSI, other combinations are possible.

  • High precision optical: 15bit/turn, 18bit/turn
  • Robust magnetic: 13bit/ turn, 15bit/turn up to 256,000 revs
  • Servo flange, clamping flange, solid shaft up to 12mm
  • Slip-on hollow shaft up to 12mm
  • Hollow through-shaft up to 27mm
  • Parameterizable gearbox and output options
  • Two separately operating SSI controllers
  • Two seperate connections
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#Mer information om 2xSSI_TRCDSS#Mer information om 2xSSI<= 36 Bit6-12mm / MagnetOptical / Magnetic
CDF36S 4096/1 V999 2XSSICDF36S-00002CDF36S 4096/1 V999 2XSSI4096 / 1Magnet / ZB33Optical / Optical
CDS58M 4096/4096 SSI/SSI 12H7N DMS 17PrCDS58M-00013CDS58M 4096/4096 SSI/SSI 12H7N DMS 17Pr4096 / 409612H7KW / DMSMagnetic / Magnetic
CDV36M 4096/4096 2XSSI 6GL/10,8CDV36M-00002CDV36M 4096/4096 2XSSI 6GL/10,84096 / 40966GL11 / ZB33Optical / Magnetic
CDV-58M 4096/4096 SSI/INC ZB50 6KW10 12C+17CCDV58M-00072CDV-58M 4096/4096 SSI/INC ZB50 6KW10 12C+17C4096 / 40966KW10 / ZB50Optical / Optical
CDV-58M 4096/4096 SSI/INC ZB50 6N/10 2x12CCDV58M-00024CDV-58M 4096/4096 SSI/INC ZB50 6N/10 2x12C4096 / 40966KW10 / ZB50Optical / Optical
CDV58S 8192/1 2xSSI ZB36 10FL19 2x12PrCDV58S-00008CDV58S 8192/1 2xSSI ZB36 10FL19 2x12Pr8192 / 110FL19 / ZB36Optical / Optical
CDV58S 8192/1 2xSSI ZB36 8FL19 2x12PrCDV58S-00013CDV58S 8192/1 2xSSI ZB36 8FL19 2x12Pr8192 / 18FL19 / ZB36Optical / Optical
CRS582M 8192/4096 SSI+INK DMS 14H7NCRS582M-00011CRS582M 8192/4096 SSI+INK DMS 14H7N8192 / 4096 + 819214H7KW / DMSOptical