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ATEX / EX SSI, TR roterande

Absolute rotary encoders for explosive atmospheres

A special challenge for rotary encoders is presented by potentially explosive atmospheres, for example in transfer systems in painting lines, filling/bagging plants, in flour mills, at fuel pumps in filling stations or in geothermal energy.

As an accredited manufacturer of explosion-proof housings we offer ATEX-compliant absolute rotary encoders with housings made of aluminium or stainless steel for hygienically sensitive applications. The housings comprise a flameproof enclosure and can be used even in the highest temperature class T6 in Zones 1 (gases) and 21 (dusts).

Below is an selection of our encoders with SSI interface.

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#Mer information om SSI ATEX/EX_TREXSS#Mer information om SSI ATEX/EX<= 36 Bit6-20mm / 10-20H7Optical / Magnetic
ADV75M 8192/4096 SSI 36ZB10NT +FSADV75M-00003ADV75M 8192/4096 SSI 36ZB10NT +FS8192 / 4096 + 409610KW19 / ZB36Optical / Magnetic
AEV58M 8192/4096 SSI 36ZB10FLAEV58M-00001AEV58M 8192/4096 SSI 36ZB10FL8192 / 409610FL19 / ZB36Optical
AEV65M 4096/4096 SSI+ANA 36ZB10FLAEV65M-00001AEV65M 4096/4096 SSI+ANA 36ZB10FL4096 / 409610FL19 / ZB36Optical