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TR Vajerhus alla modeller

Three classes fulfill specific needs for different mechanical loads, duty cycle, lifetime, resolution resp. reproducibility.


The SL30 is designed for many years of use with a high activity rate. With a big number of options, the system can be adapted to many applications. Those wire draw mechanics are available as well approved for applications in explosive atmospheres, compatible with our AE _ 70.

There is a full set of spare parts like wire, drums, return springs and optional accessories. Repair can in most cases be solved on-site by your service technician.


The WDS is suitable for normal automation tasks. The complete cable drum including spring assembly is installed in an extruded aluminium housing.

For Standard wire length encoder boxes type WDS, deflection pulleys that can be added by the user.

No spare parts or repair are possible on these series.


The WPS are cost-effective products for simple measuring applications with lower accuracy requirements.

No spare parts or repair are possible on these series.

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#Mer information om Vajerhus Basic_TRTBRWBA#Mer information om Vajerhus Basic1.25 - 5m150 - 385mm±0.01 - ±0.45%
#Mer information om Vajerhus Standard_TRTBRWST#Mer information om Vajerhus Standard1.6 - 30m150 - 500mm±0.02 - ±0.04%
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