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Cascadable LMC 55

Wire-actuated encoders are prone to wear, magnetic tapes are susceptible to ferromagnetic chips, position marks read optically with readers can become soiled, magnetostrictive measuring systems are limited in their measuring length, glass scales are unaffordable from certain measurement lengths and laser measuring systems cannot detect several positions in the same light area simultaneously.

The cascadable linear measuring system is wear-free, thanks to its contact-free position measurement, and can detect the positions of up to 30 magnets simultaneously. Only permanent magnets move over the profile; these do not require a supply and therefore do not need a supply lead or cable carriers. Absolute position detection up to 20 m is available as standard.

  • Wear-free linear measuring
  • 5/100 mm precise, absolute
  • Multiple measurement of up to 30 positions
  • Reliably tight system with protection class IP 65
  • Can be installed in any position (automatic addressing)
  • Device foot for mounting using holes or clamping shoes
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