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VISOR® Object AI

11 november 2022

New Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Visor vision cameras
AI applications have become essential to the consumer sector and we all use them every day. The algorithms are getting better and better and fulfill the high requirements of the industry more and more. Therefore, the trend is clearly moving towards the use of AI in industrial automation as well.


  • Easy setup without image processing knowledge
  • AI technology in a robust vision sensor, made for industrial automation
  • Train the detector with a few images on your PC
  • Reliable results even with strong varying processes and products

Target Applications

  • Classification of parts
  • Presence checks
  • Simple quality checks

For more details please visit link below


Secomea 10.0 release date and features

3 oktober 2022

Secomea is pleased to announce the newest GateManager and SiteManager release – version 10.0
Firmware release 10.0 GateManager and SiteManager, will be available on 10.10.2022.

This patch contains features, bugfixes, and security fixes, some notable highlights:

  • Enforce password policy on server side.
  • Improved password complexity in SiteManager.
  • Forwarding Agent FTP NAT Support.

You can find complete release notes at the bottom link.

Action plan for release 10.0
10.10.2022: All hosted GateManagers will be upgraded based on the below timetable.

Schedule for Secomea hosted GateManager upgrade to release 10.0

GateManager Timezone Maintenance window
GM02 (Europe) CEST 09:00 - 10:00
GM04 (Europe) CEST 09:00 - 10:00
GM06 (Europe) CEST 09:00 - 10:00
GM105 (Europe) CEST 09:00 - 10:00
GM21 (USA) CEST 09:00 - 10:00
GM41 (Singapore) CEST 10:00 - 11:00
GM52 (China) CEST 10:00 - 11:00

If you have any questions or need more information, please send a mail to


Ses vi på  Scanautomatic 18-20 oktober?

20 september 2022

Boka upp den 18-20 oktober, det blir automation på riktigt då vi ställer ut på Scanautomatic i Göteborg.
Det är i monter B06:22 som det händer, vi har flera nya kollegor som längtar efter att få träffa dig.

Vi kavlar upp ärmarna och visar nyheter från våra leverantörer:

TR Electronic GmbH, Secomea, Bihl+Wiedemann, Fortress safety, Sensopart, Di-soric, Leuze, Microsyst, Elgens, Inxpect, Bodèt och Quanergy.

Vi kommer att visa spännande nyheter och bjuder på kaffe:

  • Det senaste inom ASi-5 från Bihl+Wiedemann
  • Visionkameror och sensorer från Sensopart
  • Displayer från Microsyst
  • Pulsgivare, Säkra pulsgivare och linjärenheter från TR Electronic
  • Säkerhetslås från Fortress Safety
  • Belysning och givare från Di-Soric
  • Industri PC för tuffa och krävande applikationer från Elgens
  • Säkerhetsradar från Inxpect 
  • 1 och 8 lagers Lidar från Quanergy 
  • Klockor från Bodet 

Hämta din kostnadsfria biljett här 

Välkomna till Scanautomatic hälsar vi på TR Electronic Nordic AB 

Ralph Broström ,Alexander Fritsson , Thomas Lindestreng, Jens Roos, Henrik Carpevi och Joakim Olofsson 



Ha en härlig sommar!

14 juli 2022

Vi har öppet hela sommaren men begränsad bemanning under vecka 29 till 31.
Vår orderhantering och svarstider kommer att ta lite längre tid än vanligt.

Ha en härlig sommar önskar vi på TR Electronic Nordic!


We are open all summer but with limited staff during weeks 29 to 31.
Our order handling and responses will take a little longer time than usual.

We at TR Electronic Nordic wish you a wonderful summer!


Ses vi på  Elmia Automation 10-13 maj?

9 maj 2022

Boka upp den 10-13 maj, automation på riktigt när vi ställer ut på Elmia Automation i Jönköping.

Vi kavlar upp ärmarna och visar nyheter från våra leverantörer, det är i monter D01:54 som det händer!

TR Electronic GMBH, Secomea, Bihl+Widemann, Fortress safety,  Sensopart. Di-soric, Leuze, Microsyst och Elgens.

Äntligen får vi ses på riktigt, vi kommer att visa:

  • Det senaste inom Asi-5 från Bihl Widemann
  • Visionkameror från Sensopart
  • Displayer från Microsyst
  • Säkra pulsgivare från Tr Electronic
  • Säkerhetslås från Fortress Safety
  • Belysning och givare från Di-Soric
  • Industri PC för tuffa och krävande applikationer från Elgens
  • och mycket mer

Nedan är en länk till gratis entrebiljett

Fri entrébiljett till Elmia Automation



Compact outboard bearing

31 mars 2022

58 mm now for chain- or toothed belt use

Chains and toothed belts are sometimes used to drive the encoder shaft. Even the double bearings of the latest 582 series of absolute multiturn rotary encoders are only suitable to a limited extent.

The new outboard bearing absorbs ten times the shaft forces compared to the standard encoder shaft. This means that chain and toothed belt drives or even heavy friction wheels are no problem.

Outboard bearing and the modular rotary encoder 582 series are optimally matched. Advantage for the user: The sensor is only 35 mm deeper, the diameter remains at 58 mm. Series 582 rotary encoders with a new outboard bearing are therefore currently the most compact solution for increased shaft forces at TR. The application-side interface is a standard flange with a centering collar with a diameter of 36 or 50mm. The shaft has a diameter of 10 mm, is supplied with a fitting parallel key and has a front thread.

The outboard bearing is ordered together with the rotary encoder and forms a structural unit with the sensor on delivery, a ready-to-use component for logistics and assembly:

  • Perfectly matched to C__582 encoder from TR
  • 10 times the axis forces in X and Y
  • 58 mm diameter is retained
  • Only 35 mm increase in depth
  • Available as an option for standard and SIL encoders
  • Supplied ready to use as a unit with rotary encoder

You will find the bearing module in our product range here.


Secomea 9.7 release date and features

17 mars 2022

Secomea is pleased to announce the newest SiteManager, GateManager release – version 9.7

Some notable highlights:

  • Improved firmware handling.
  • Significant improvements to several security aspects.
  • Deprecation of support for Internet Explorer 11 and Legacy Edge.

Firmware release 9.7 GateManager and SiteManager, will be available for download, Mars 31th (22-03-31). We encourage you to read the release notes, which provide a specific overview of the changes. If you have any questions or need more information, please send a mail to

2022-03-31 - Schedule for Secomea hosted GateManager upgrade to release 9.6

All hosted GateManagers will be upgraded based on the below timetable

GateManager Time                  Maintenance window
GM02 CEST 09:00 - 10:00
GM04 CEST 09:00 - 10:00
GM06 CEST 09:00 - 10:00
GM105 CEST 09:00 - 10:00
GM21 CEST 09:00 - 10:00
GM41 CEST 16:00 - 17:00
GM52 CEST 10:00 - 11:00

Read below link for complete release notes


Modular linear-absolute position measuring system

26 november 2021

Contactless, wear-free measuring systems based on magnetostriction are often used for the absolute position measurement of linear movements. With the new LMRS27 device series, TR-Electronic creates a new class of compact measuring systems and remains true to its ability to offer "all" important interfaces for industrial use.

The system has a modular structure for this: the position of up to 3 magnets at the same time is recorded with the sensor element, whose small head with a diameter of 25 mm can be installed almost anywhere. The scaling and communication with the controller is done by an interface module that is mounted separately from the actual sensor. The cable between the sensor and the interface module is either 2 or 5 m long, longer lengths are technically possible.


The user selects the desired measuring length in the range of up to 4 m, which is recorded and output with a resolution of typically 0.01 mm. The LMRB27 is a measuring system that even works without an interface module with the same sensor head. The measured value is output directly as a current or voltage analog signal or even as IO-Link protocol. This makes the LMRS27 family the most compact solution from TR-Electronic to record linear movements absolutely and without wear.



International explosion protection

10 november 2021

IECEx certificate for sensors made by TR-Electronic

The explosion-protected equipment from TR-Electronic has now also received an IECEx certificate in accordance with international standards. This makes access to international markets much easier. Especially when machine and system manufacturers in Europe export their products to non-EU markets, internationally certified components facilitate local acceptance. The system operators and installers in the target markets also benefit from having direct access to approved products.

Variants for use in Zone 1/21 are available from the entire range of measuring systems. The simplest measuring systems are incremental encoders, in which, depending on the version, the resolution can be set later using programming lines. There are also absolute rotary encoders with various interfaces up to safety-related rotary encoders that combine explosion protection with a SIL3 / PLe-certified, secure position determination - a combination of safety measures that can probably only be found on the market for high-quality, absolute position detection at TR-Electronic.


A summary of Secomea Solution v9.6

27 oktober 2021

The newest release of the Secomea Solution contains multiple user experience enhancements. V9.6 uprates connection options, update tools, fixes bugs and more. View the complete list of enhancements to V9.6's SiteManager and GateManager through the link below.

A sample of the features in V9.6:

  • Multi-port and multi-network Layer 2 compatibility on select SiteManager models.
  • Enhanced device monitoring using both TCP querying and ICMP pings.
  • GateManager now autodetects firmware for SiteManagers, customers can schedule upgrades at a click.

Secomea 9.6 release date and features

5 oktober 2021

Secomea is pleased to announce the newest SiteManager, GateManager release – version 9.6

Firmware release 9.6 GateManager and SiteManager, will be available for download, October 13th (13.10.2021). We encourage you to read the release notes, which provide a specific overview of the changes. If you have any questions or need more information, please send a mail to

2021-10-13 - Schedule for Secomea hosted GateManager upgrade to release 9.6

All hosted GateManagers will be upgraded based on the below timetable

GateManager Time                  Maintenance window
GM04 CEST 09:00 - 10:00
GM06 CEST 09:00 - 10:00
GM105 CEST 09:00 - 10:00
GM21 CEST 09:00 - 10:00
GM41 CEST 10:00 - 11:00
GM52 CEST 10:00 - 11:00

Read below link for complete release notes


GateManager outage statement

19 augusti 2021

On August 18th, we experienced an issue with a critical hosting infrastructure that supports a range of our EMEA GateManager servers. It was the longest and most severe incident we have experienced to date, and it affected many of you and your customers. We are truly sorry about this, and we understand that an explanation is needed.

What happened

On August 18th, 13:22 CEST our surveillance systems alerted us that our VPN lines were lost to our external hosting provider as well as public access to the servers.

We discovered later that at 13:19 an unannounced power outage had occurred in the region of the hosting center. This is a “normality”, which typically is handled by the power redundancy systems at the hosting center.

Unfortunately, an error in the redundancy setup of the battery-powered Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) system, resulted in the UPS system not being able to supply power long enough for the diesel generator to kick in, and systems went down abruptly. Bringing abrupt shutdown systems back online is typically not an issue either, but it required manual assistance, and it was discovered in the process that an essential backbone switch had died and had to be replaced.

This chain of events was not fully uncovered until the evening of August 18th, where we could also conclude that all GateManager servers were fully operational, and no data were lost. Later the License servers were also fully operational and started processing the queued orders.

Our Response

When our surveillance system first alerted us about the incident, our hosting team contacted the hosting center staff, and when the severity was known, we went immediately on site. We made the decision to focus our efforts on locating the errors and get a grasp of the situation and assist where we could. This meant that it took us longer than we could have liked to our customer-facing server status with information about the unavailability of the affected servers as we focused our efforts on understanding the situation, to determine what we could do.

This also meant that a more detailed bulletin of the situation also came much later than we would have liked, as we didn’t have any reliable update to post, and we didn’t want to make any promises that we couldn’t keep. 

Concurrently it became apparent from incoming calls, that our server status page was not easy enough to find on our website, which meant that many of you were unaware of the incident. We understand the frustration you must have felt and apologies for this.

What will happen now

We have started a thorough analysis of the events, and will take actions to optimize the following areas:

1. Assure optimization of redundancy measures at the hosting center.

2. Assure optimization of disaster recovery processes, to limit downtime.

3. Optimize our processes around information flow towards customers.

We have received confirmation from our hosting provider that the first two topics are already in process.

Please visit for further details and updates on the current situation.




Secomea 9.5 has been released

1 juli 2021

The Secomea Release v. 9.5 has arrived which includes new features, enhancements and security vulnerability fixes.

What's new?

·         GEO-location support of SiteManagers, it is now possible to track the GEO-location of SiteManagers and send the data to the cloud via the integrated Data Collection module (DCM).

·         OPC UA enhancements, new feature upgrades to OPC UA for improved security and usability.

·         FragAttacks Vulnerabilities fixes, SiteManager is officially clear of all vulnerabilities.

Software and firmware are available for download on our knowledge base on June 30. 

Watch our new Secomea video on secure remote access

Update your Secomea Solution to keep your installations updated with the latest security patches, please contact us if you have any question or need for guidance


Introducing DCC 1.8

16 juni 2021

DCC 1.8 provides your customers new possibilities to visualize and monitor their machines.

New Fleet Management Module:

  • Your customers are in full control of their fleet of machines and can gain real-time visibility into machine location and performance.
  • The new map widget provides a visual overview of the fleet of machines.
  • Users can automatically enroll new machines in the Logistic Template and "translate" collected data into user-friendly information.

Schedule reports to be generated automatically:

  • It is now possible to define scheduled reports, making it easier for your customers and their customers to consolidate data outside DCC.

The Fleet Management Module is a new major feature of DCC v. 1.8 which empowers your customers to maintain full control of their fleet of machines. We've demonstrated how to use the Fleet Management Module and its features to visualize and monitor machines, watch the video below.


High performance Panel PC with Tigerlake-U Core

10 juni 2021

Industrial grade high performance Panel PC equipped with 11th generation Intel Tigerlake-U Core i5/i7 processors will be available for delivery in end of June. Common with other articles in this segment it will share the same characteristics:

  • Intel Tigerlake-U Core i5/i7
  • 15.6" P-cap flat bezel
  • 1920x1080 resolution LCD
  • Bezel-Free and fanless design
  • 9-36VDC Wide range power input
  • IP65/66 Aluminium front panel
  • -40 ... 75°C temperature range
  • 3-Pin Power input terminal block
  • Optional 1000 nits LED backlight

Download complete data sheet

Please contact us for any questions about the new item. 


VISOR Robotic and new Target Mark

7 juni 2021

We are pleased to announce VISOR software release v2.4 now available for download, update information includes an overview about the new features, see below pdf for new functionality and features for this release.

VISOR - Release 2.4 - Update information


For customers how are interested in VISOR Robotic including brand new feature Target Mark technology we have gather this new pdf presenting features and functions of our VISOR Robotic program.

Presentation VISOR Robotic


If you have any questions about this new release or our Robotics features, please contact us!


New SiteManager GLOBAL streamlines connectivity

17 maj 2021

Our latest generation of Industrial IoT Gateways has been well-received by customers, as we continue to deliver new functionality and connectivity capabilities. We are now pleased to announce our latest addition to the range: the SiteManager 4G Global Model.

Providing industrial remote access with cellular connectivity offers several benefits to flexibility and mobility. The new SiteManager model eliminates the need for region-specific 4G. Now a single model can provide global remote access with cellular connectivity. When used in combination with WiFi and Ethernet uplink, Secomea’s SiteManager 4G represents the perfect failover option; ensuring uninterrupted access to equipment to maximize machine uptime.

With the new SiteManager model, multiple connection options are available on the same device without the need to switch models. Visit our Knowledge Base and discover the band options supported by SiteManager Global.

You can also compare the different SiteManager Models to find the model that fits your requirements.

For more information about the new SiteManager 4G Global, please contact us!


Mekanisk föregling IBL Interlock Blocking Device

3 maj 2021

Inom industrin finns idag ett antal standarder som är viktiga att ha koll på och att uppfylla.

En är ISO 14118 Maskinsäkerhet - Förhindrande av oväntad start. Denna syftar till att förhindra oväntad maskinstart och möjliggöra mänskliga ingripanden. Den är tillämpbar vid oväntad start av alla slags energikällor dvs

  • Kraftmätning, tex elektrisk, hydraulisk, pneumatisk
  • Lagrad energi från tex tyngdkraft, komprimerade fjädrar
  • Yttre påverkan tex från vind, förbipasserande person.

Det står att låsanordningar kan innefatta

  • Förreglingsanordningar med ”kvarsittande nyckel” - Trapped Keys
  • Möjlighet att använda ett eller flera hänglås
  • Låsbara höljen eller kapslingar

Fortress har tagit fram en ny produkt, IBL Interlock Blocking Device. Den här är perfekt för eftermontering och vilka är då mina möjligheter? Antingen finns det redan en fortresslösning eller så sitter det något annat. Oavsett så kan man lösa uppgiften genom att använda IBL.

  • Behövs inte ”integreras” i existerande system
  • Inga extra kablar eller inkoppling behövs
  • Förhindrar oväntad start
  • Whole body access

Hur funkar det här då? Se mer på denna YouTube video.


Single cable solution gets full certification

12 april 2021

Absolute rotary encoders with EtherCAT-P

In time for the spring of automation, the ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group) confirms that the absolute rotary encoders of the latest generation from TR-Electronic with EtherCAT-P meet all the required standards.

This means that the innovative single-cable solution is also officially available for rotary encoders, which are available in the 58 mm industry standard as well as in sizes 80 and 110 mm.

One more reason why TR-Electronic probably offers the largest selection of interfaces for absolute encoders on the market - and that for all mechanical variants: solid shafts from 6 to 12 mm, also in inch-based dimensions for the Anglo-Saxon market, slip-on and hollow-through shafts from 8 to 15 mm and also in the larger hollow shaft variants that accommodate shafts of up to 50 mm.

  • EtherCAT-P interface for all absolute rotary encoders of the latest generation
  • Size 58 mm with solid shaft, blind shaft and hollow through shaft
  • Size 80 mm with up to 27 mm through hollow shaft
  • Size 110 mm with up to 50 mm through hollow shaft
  • Real absolute rotary encoder, changes in position are recorded even without a power supply
  • ultra-compact connection system
  • Single cable solution

Analog with remote teach-in

11 mars 2021

Absolute rotary encoder with analog interface

TR-Electronic offers a multifunctional analog interface in the latest encoder series. The 16-bit D / A converter processes the multiturn position signal and thus supplies an output signal proportional to the angle of rotation. The speed signal can also be used, with which a speed feedback can be implemented e.g. for a controller.

Encoders with an analog interface are now also available with remote teach-in. Two additional digital inputs can be configured as teach-in signals for the start and end of the measuring range. The expanded pin assignment and a suitable eight-core cable enable additional, efficient options for commissioning and adaptation to changed machine configurations. The signal output is either a voltage (0-10V, -10 - 10V) or a forced current (0-20mA, 4-20mA).

Serie 582 with analog interface is found here


Secomea GateManager service update

3 mars 2021

Schedule for Secomea hosted GateManager upgrade today 3/3-2021 to release 9.4:















03:00 - 04:00 A.M. (09:00 – 10:00 CET)



23:00 – 24:00 (16:00 – 17:00 CET)


SiteManager Release Notes: See here

GateManager 8250 Release Notes: See here

LinkManager & LinkManager Mobile: See here 


If you have any questions, please send a mail to


Incremental encoder with fixed resolution

22 februari 2021

TR-Electronic provides new series of fixed-resolution incremental encoders. 

Resolution of new series incremental encdoders is set in factory. Family IE_58 supports resolutions 2 up to 10.000 pulses per turn; family IO_58 is capable of resolutions up to 65.536 pulses. Incremental rotary encoders series I__58 can be obtained with solid shaft, blind and hollow-through shaft for shaft diameters up to 15 mm. For linear measurements, IE_ and IO_ can be equipped with a suitable wire length encoders. As connection options, M23 and M12 connectors are available, cable is possible as well. Incremental encoders work with supply voltages from 4,75 up to 30 V dc. Output signal is factory set TTL (5 V) or HTL (= VCC).

Technical Data

  • IEx max 10.000 Increments
  • IOx max 65.536 Increments
  • Solid shaft, blind- and hollow shaft, wire lenght encoder
  • M23 / M12 connector or cable gland
  • Wide range power supply 4,75 … 30 VDC
  • TTL- or HTL-output

To the products in our shop


Secomea release 9.4

17 februari 2021

Secomea is pleased to announce the GateManager, SiteManager and LinkManager release – version 9.4. The release would be able to download for GateManager Own customer on Wednesday 17th of February 2021.

You can find all release notes for our upcoming version here:

SiteManager Release Notes: See here
GateManager 8250 Release Notes: See here
LinkManager & LinkManager Mobile: See here 

Schedule for Secomea hosted GateManager upgrade with release 9.4, 3/3-2021:















03:00 - 04:00 A.M. (09:00 – 10:00 CET)



23:00 – 24:00 (16:00 – 17:00 CET)

If you have any questions, please send a mail to


DCC Release v1.7

16 februari 2021

We are pleased to announce that we are ready to release the latest DCC v1.7 to Production. This version contains a lot of updates and new features. There will be no down-time on the servers. Once the servers are updated, refresh the page, you might need to empty cache and hard reload the page for updating the frontend (use ctrl+F5).




IoT Administration   

  • Logistics module
    • New window (Logistics) under IoT ADMINISTRATION which makes it possible to enter user defined data as well as data from sample points  

Account Setup   

  • New subunit
    • Ability to create subunits. These subunits should be seen as different departments and a new level of user management has been introduced. 
  • Distributor access
    • Allow distributor to view/create domains and users for an end customer.   
  • Logistics template     
    • Added ability to create templates that can be used for logistics   


  • Add custom YAxis configuration
    • Added the option to customize the min/max values of the YAxis on Data Viewer page  


  • Parent-child relation between dashboards in overview.   
    • Introduced option to have dashboard parents/childs  
    • Add parent under Dashboard setup  
    • Option to expand or collapse children of parent dashboards   
  • Accumulated values in value widget   
    • Value widget, can be used for accumulated values over a fixed or rolling window   
  • Add custom YAxis configuration to line chart widget   
    • Added min/max YAxis options to real-time chart on dashboards   
    • Added min/max YAxis options to timeseries chart on dashboards  
    • Changed "Show min/avg/max" to "Options" after introducing YAxis min./max.  
  • Bar chart widget
    • Show values from sample points using bar chart -Option for selecting multiple sample points. 
    • Can, among other things, be used for accumulated values over a rolling window.   
    • Added option to choose fixed or rolling window to bar chart interval selection time option.   
  • Oee gauge realtime targets     
    • Introduced target area for OEE gauges. Defaults to disabled for legacy compatibility. Default target value is 90%.
  • Logistics widget
    • New widget to present data from a logistics template with data associated with DCM   

See the full release note


TR e-handel och kundportal

15 februari 2021

TR Electronic Nordic AB nu öppnat sin e-handel och kundportal för ett urval av kunder för test av funktionalitet fram till vår officella premiär i Mars. Vi håller fortfarande på och justerar det allmäna innehållet samt fyller på med produkter och information kring dessa.

Sidorna och dess innehåller kommer förändras och kompletteras framöver, vi ser gärna förslag och synpunkter från er som användare så kontakta oss via vår e-post eller använd kontaktformuläret.